What is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud is an activity that is deceptive or fraudulent involving stocks or commodities. This deceptive behavior can then lead others to make financial decisions based on false information. This is also known as stock fraud or investment fraud and can include the acts of withholding key information, providing incorrect information, offering bad advice, and offering/acting on confidential information.

If you have a securities fraud case, you will need the help of a securities expert witness testimony.

Common Types of Securities or Stock Fraud

Corporate Securities Fraud

Securities fraud can occur when individuals within corporations carry out fraudulent schemes by withholding or misrepresenting information about the corporation to manipulate stock prices.

Individual Securities Fraud

One of the most well-known forms of individual securities fraud is insider trading. This is when an individual with confidential information uses that information to participate in stock market trading to make a profit. It is also considered a securities fraud if an individual with confidential information uses that information to influence the stock market.

Third-Party Securities Fraud

This occurs when a third party deliberately puts out misleading information to influence the stock market and/or make a profit. One common type of third-party securities fraud is known as a “pump and dump.” This when an individual purchases stock from a company that is not well known, buying up large amounts of the company’s shares. The individual will then spread false information to encourage others to buy stock in the same company, driving up the price of the stock so they can sell their share and make a large profit.

Each type of securities fraud case can include complicated financial statements that are often meant to be misleading or confusing.

In this case, you would want a securities expert witness who can sort through these statements and explain them.

Why You Would Need to Hire a CPA Expert Witness

When you hire a CPA securities expert witness and certified fraud examiner who’s expert in the securities industry from Thomas Neches & Company LLP, you know you are getting decades of securities expert testimony experience and expertise to work on your case and review business records, financial statements and more so you can get what is owed to you. Contact our securities experts today to know more about securities expert witness testimony services.

Representative Securities Expert Witness Engagements

Side Case Number Case Name Attorney Law Firm Testify
Def 83-4742-AWT (Tx) Securities Investor Protection Corp. v. Seymour Vigman, et al. Steven Gourley Gourley & Burstein Depo
Def CV-90-4018-TJH (Tx) Calico Holdings Corp. v. Howard M. Peterson Yolanda Orozco O’Neill, Lysaght & Sun Depo
Pln RCV 14398 Metric Machining Co., Inc. v. Robert L. Relly Christopher J. Arndt Arndt & Doyle
Pln GIC 736398 Southern California Edison Company, et al. v. Sumitomo Corporation, et al. David J. Noonan Post Kirby Noonan & Sweat
Pln 02-02384 Swab Financial, LLC v. E*Trade Securities, Inc. Luan K. Phan Paz & Phan