Protecting Intellectual Property Through Patents, Copyright, and More

Intellectual property is a creative or intangible good originating from human intellect. Intellectual property typically requires a party to legally obtain protection for a specified time period to allow that particular party to maintain a competitive edge and profit from the idea. Artists typically protect their work through copyright; inventors use patents; and businesses may use trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements and more. Intellectual property can serve as the cornerstone of a brand, its value and profitability. Intellectual property infringement may result in significant historical and future economic damages. In some cases, the economic harm of intellectual property infringement may be irreparable.

Why Hire an Intellectual Property Expert Witness?

Most industries deal with some type of intellectual property, or intangible asset. When facing theft of intellectual property, or trying to prove the opposite, a CPA expert witness is key to winning your case. With experience and trial testimony across a broad range of industries, Thomas Neches is an intellectual property expert witness who understands the norms and business practices guiding your case.

When valuing intellectual property, our firm analyzes quantitative data to demonstrate the current and future profit-generating value of the property. Hiring a CPA expert witness is one of the few ways for plaintiffs to win back what’s been lost and for defendants to rebut overstated claims. Learn more about our representative engagements and trial testimony involving intellectual property, including copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, royalties and more, below.

Representative Intellectual Property Engagements


Case Number Attorney Law Firm Industry Property Side Testify
Linco Inc. v. Top Lighting Corporation Mitchell F. Ducey Masserman & Ducey LLP Photography Equipment Patent Pln Trial
Jim Beam Co. v. Tequila Cuervo Anthony A. Coppola Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Distilled Spirits Trademark Def
Maker’s Mark v. Tequila Cuervo Anthony A. Coppola Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Distilled Spirits Trademark Def Trial
Bio-Touch, Inc. v. The Wella Corporation Kamram Fattahi Law Offices of Kamran Fattahi Cosmetics Manufacturing Trademark Pln
Gary H. Kent v. Glenn Anderson, et al. Joshua M. Dickey Bailey Merrill Appraisal Trade Secret Def
Amity Rubberized Pen Company v. Market Quest Group, Inc., et al. Gary A. Brenner Law Offices of Gary A. Brenner Advertising Promotional Products Patent Def
Thermo-Ply, Inc. v. The Ohio Willow Wood Company, et al. Richard E. Fee Fee & Jeffries Prosthetic Components Patent Pln Depo
Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory, Ltd. v. Star Mark Management, Inc., et al. Anthony A. Coppola Richard L. Crisona Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Food Manufacturing & Distribution Trademark Pln Depo Trial
Advanced Magnetic Closures, Inc. v. Rome Fastener Corporation, et al. Anthony J. DiFilippi Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Apparel Manufacturing Patent Pln Trial
On Command v. NXTV Edward A. Klein Heather Gilhooly Liner Yankelevitz Sunshine & Regenstreif Broadcasting and Telecommuni-cations Trade Secret Pln
CSL, L.L.C. v. Imperial Building Products, Inc. Marc M. Gorelnik Townsend and Townsend and Crew Chemical Manufacturing Patent Pln
2 B Free, LLC v. Guess ?, Inc. Sandra J. Garcia Steve Mason Newell, Campbell & Roché Apparel Manufacturing Trademark Tradedress Pln
Neutrogena Corporation and DermaNew, Inc. v. Spa Sciences, Inc. Wayne M. Barsky Jason C. Lo Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Patent Pln
Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory, Ltd. v. Eastimpex, et al. Marc M. Gorelnik Timothy R. Cahn David Aronoff Townsend and Townsend and Crew Food Manufacturing & Distribution Trademark Pln Trial
Joel D. Wallach v. Longevity Network, Ltd. Michael A. Painter Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Trademark Def
Eaton Power Quality Corporation v. J.T. Packard & Associates, Inc. Joseph F. Cleveland, Jr. Brackett & Ellis Computer & Electronic Product Service Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret Def
MGE UPS Systems, Inc. v. Titan Specialized Services, Inc., et al. David R. Cross Quarles & Brady Computer & Electronic Product Service Copyright Def
Bella Rosa, LLC, et al. v. Derek A. Van de Water, et al. Barry Van Sickle Kirk Downing Law Offices of Kirk Downing Special Trade Contractors Trademark Pln Trial
Juicy Whip, Inc. v. Orange Bang, Inc. Wayne M. Barsky Jason C. Lo Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher Juice Syrup Manufacturing Patent Def Depo Trial
Dermal Research Laboratories, Inc. v. Naturopathic Laboratories International, Inc. Jeffrey A. Schwab Anthony J. DiFilippi Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Patent Def Depo Trial
Health Net, Inc. v. Provider HealthNet Services. Inc. Elizabeth B. Gibson Bob Mangels Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro Health Care Trademark Pln Depo
PMC, Inc., et al., v. Paul Winkler, et al. Skip Miller Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro Plastics Product Manufacturing Patent Pln Trial
Morrison Entertainment Group, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc., et al. Luan K. Phan O’Neill, Lysaght & Sun (Richardson & Patel) Toy & Video Game Manufacturing & Exploitation Trademark Pln Depo
Genesco Inc. v. Mudd. LLC I.C. Waddey, Jr Waddey & Patterson Apparel Manufacturing Trademark Def
Anex Electrical Co., Ltd. v. Sun-Mate Corporation Michael A. Painter Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Trademark Def Trial
California Animal Laboratory, Inc. v. American Home Products Corporation Howard B. Soloway Morrison & Foerster Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Patent Def
Donald G. Delaria and Delaria’s Kitchen, Inc. v. KFC Corporation Jeffrey H. Dasteel Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Food and Beverage Stores Trademark Def
Duraflame, Inc. v. Conros Corporation David W. Grace Loeb & Loeb Paper and Chemical Products Wholesale Trademark Pln
Professional Audio Concepts, Inc. v. Conrad Viva, et al. Christopher J. Arndt Arndt & Doyle Wood Product Manufacturing Trademark Def Trial
Threads 4 Life, Inc. dba Cross Colours v. Paco Sport, Ltd. Steven J. Rottman Law Offices of Steven J. Rottman Apparel Manufacturing Trademark Pln
Mag Instrument v. Brinkmann Corp. Robert C. Weiss Lyon & Lyon Machined Aluminum Flashlight Manufacturing Patent Trademark Pln


Key Sample Representative Intellectual Property Engagement


Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. v. Diageo North America, Inc., et al.  (Anthony A. Coppola, Michael Aschen – Abelman, Frayne & Schwab). Mr. Neches testified as an expert in United States District Court, Western District of Kentucky, on behalf of defendant in this trademark infringement matter. Plaintiff, who manufactures and sells Maker’s Mark bourbon, claimed defendants, who manufacture and distribute Jose Cuervo brand tequilas, infringed plaintiff’s trademarked wax-like coating that covers the cap of the bottle and trickles down the neck of the bottle in freeform tendrils. The Cuervo brand at issue was its premium product, Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. In his decision, the Court noted that “Makers Mark’s damages expert argued that the Georgia-Pacific factors support an award of a 5% royalty on Reserva sales. [Mr. Neches] analyzed the factors and recommended the Court award no damages or damages no greater than 1% of Reserva sales.” The Court also cited Mr. Neches’s testimony that “Cuervo did not profit from the use of the dripping wax because sales of Reserva grew proportionally, before, during and after Cuervo used the dripping wax.” Result: the Court ruled that Maker’s Mark’s trademark was valid and infringed, but declined to award monetary damages.